Domino’s has introduced a very Web 2.0 pizza-ordering method. Called BFD (for “Big Fantastic Deal,” not that other thing that “BFD” stands for), the concept allows you to create a custom large pizza online, name it, and browse other people’s pizzas. If you happen to be struck by the deliciousness of, say, the Viking Hawaiian Paradise, created by E.L. and featuring pepperoni, ham, and bacon, you can hit the checkout button. All pizzas, no matter what permutation or who created them, are $10.99.

There are currently more than 14,000 registered pizzas on the site. The most popular, the Ciao Bella!, had been ordered 83,687 times last we checked. If these numbers seem pretty amazing for a concept that’s about a month old, it’s probably because Domino’s had a promo contest going that awarded a $500 gift certificate for the most creative design. Will this be the preferred ordering method for pizza in the future? Will it outdo pizza-ordering via text message? Will all pizza someday be purely virtual? These are questions I cannot answer, for I am not of the Domino’s BFD demographic. I have a hard enough time just keeping up with my Facebook page.

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