Slate dug into photo archives to bring its readers a slideshow of some of the most weird, evocative, and nostalgia-inducing shots of backyard grilling through the decades. Worth it alone for the shot of Jayne Mansfield with her husband, Mickey Hargitay, who brings a surreal boxer-shorts-wearing shirtless muscleman look to the backyard. Mansfield’s animal-print robe and purse-sized dogs complete the picture.

And if you’re interested in prolonging your nostalgia trip, Ptak Science Books analyzes a vintage 7UP ad:

“Manchild Junior takes careful aim with his big dart as dad sits staring at the dartboard, waiting for his eyes to collect the darts as though they were magnetic dust in his eyeball magnet.  Mom seems to be plasticized and propped up against the fireplace, her bottle at an odd angle used only for toasting.”

Truly delightful in a haunting way.

Image source: Flickr member TheBusyBrain under Creative Commons

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