Korean perilla, a variety of the Japanese shiso leaf, is a delicious herb and deserves to be more widely enjoyed, says augustiner. Japanese shiso is smaller, thinner, and more serrated around the edges than Korean perilla, with a sweeter, sharper flavor. The flavor of the Korean perilla is deeper and less intense; the leaves are larger and slightly fuzzy, green on the top and slightly purple on the bottom.

There is also a Vietnamese version called tia to, says geekyfoodie, which has an even sharper and stronger flavor than the Japanese shiso. Much like basil or mint, perilla, shiso, and tia come in many varieties and flavors, but they’re all from the same family of plant.

bitsubeats points out the importance of eating perilla pickled, wrapped around slices of boiled pork belly. “OH GOD THAT IS HEAVEN,” says bitsubeats. It’s also great fresh from the garden, wrapped around a slice of raw flounder, a slice of raw garlic, and some cho gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste with vinegar). Enjoy.

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