The ambitious new Haltun Mayan Cuisine “offers an array of flavors in the most comprehensive Mayan menu in the neighborhood,” says Cynsa, who was among a group of hounds who headed over to check it out.

“I would definitely go back just for the cochinita pibil,” says sfbing. “I wish the meat had been a touch more tender, but the sauce was brothy and complex.”

But first, check out appetizers like dzoto-bi-chay, a steamed corn dough dumpling stuffed with crushed pumpkin seeds wrapped with chard; or pol-can (fried corn dumpling stuffed with lima beans and crushed pumpkin seeds). And brazo de reina (“queen’s arm”) is an elaborate variation on the tamal: steamed spinach-corn dough stuffed with hard-boiled egg, crushed pumpkin seed, and tomato with a tomato-onion sauce. “The spinach combined well with the nuttiness of the pumpkin seeds,” notes Melanie Wong.

The piquant, tangy sopa de lima is also excellent.

Haltun Mayan Cuisine
2948 21st Street, San Francisco

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