Anyone who flies with any regularity knows of the abomination that is the midflight meal: rubbery chicken, iceberg lettuce “salad,” and we won’t even start on what passes as dessert (come on, couldn’t you just give me a decent brownie and call it a day?).

Now Aun of Chubby Hubby has taken a stab at redesigning the in-flight meal:

I simply don’t understand why airlines can’t serve good, simple meals to passengers (and I’m speaking about us folks who fly cattle class most of the time). I appreciate (1) the need to manage food costs; (2) that the dishes served need to be refrigerated and then served either cold or reheated; and (3) the combinations chosen need to appeal to as wide a demographic audience as possible.

His take on a decent airline meal? “[A]ll I really want to eat,” he explains, “is something simple, comforting and ideally palatable … give [customers] something classic, something simple, and something that will make them happy.” He proposes the following:

1. UCC dark roast Espresso
2. Kirin Melon Cream Soda
3. The Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers
4. Satsuraku Coffee Jelly, served with a cream syrup
5. Chicken à la King served with steamed rice
6. Potato Salad à la Harumi Kurihara

There’s even a photo of the meal on his blog. If some airline doesn’t steal his menu and quick, they don’t know what’s good for them.

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