The tag line: “Now she can cook breakfast again.”
The image: A happy housewife making bacon, eggs, and coffee on the stovetop.
The product: Mornidine, a drug that reduces morning sickness.

Intrigued? Horrified? A recent post on I Can Has Internets does a nice job of rounding up 25 of the country’s most sexist vintage advertisements. Food and drink play a major role, with the general theme being, well …

Tag line: “The [Kenwood food processor] Chef does everything but cook—that’s what wives are for!”

Yeah, the vintage “humorous” celebration of the “wife as servant” motif.  As per usual, the comments provide valuable “what are real people thinking about this” insight. There are totally reasonable sentiments such as this:

“What’s funny is if you pay attention this kind of stuff still exists. When you see a commercial for a product that cleans something in the house, or has to do with cooking, who do you see in that commercial. Always a female. Same goes with racial stereotypes. In my mind it seems like not a lot has changed and either we got better at disguising it, or people are just being plain ignorant.”

And, of course, other sentiments entirely such as this:


Sexism is dead. And oh, yeah, I almost forgot to add: “Long live sexism.”

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