These tasty tidbits are a little hard to find. There are two storefronts with identical awnings, both called Rancho Grande, on 24th Street. You want the westernmost one, between Treat and Folsom. Behind the produce, the butcher, and the grocery items is a little counter area with a little menu. And the food is very good, says Dave MP.

Pupusas are handmade while you wait. They’re hot, they’re fresh, and they have a good consistency. You can get cactus tacos, too—thick tortillas with pan-fried bits of cactus, nicely spiced and topped with queso fresco, salsa, and crema.

It’s $8 for two pupusas and two cactus tacos. “Great deal, and nice to have a reliable place that can make pupusas on the spot,” says Dave MP.

El Rancho Grande de Barraza [Mission District]
3064 24th Street, San Francisco

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