This Valentine’s Day, New Yorkers can express their love with pricey produce. Evan Obsatz of Butterfield Market has plans to import what New York magazine’s Grub Street blog is calling “the Kobe Beef of Strawberries.”

[O]n February 12, pending Customs approval, [Obsatz will] be the only local supplier to receive 40 boxes of Amou berries — large, sweet, and juicy strawberries that are carefully cultivated on Japan’s Kyushu Island. It’s Japan’s most expensive strawberry, and it’s currently in short supply, hence a $45 price tag for a box of seven to twelve.

These expensive “Amou” berries seem to be called “Amao” berries by other food suppliers, and the Shanghai Seffy Trading Company describes them as “[s]weet, round, big, and delicious,” with a high sugar level and moderate acidity. In other words, they shouldn’t be big and flavorless, like the giant wintertime strawberries from the supermarket produce aisle. But really, rather than drop $4 per strawberry, why not wait a few months until the farmers’ markets are overflowing with tasty little red globes for a fraction of the price?

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