There’s a cultish pastime out there that’s supercool (some might even say freezing) and very misunderstood. It’s ice-chewing, and the Wall Street Journal features an exposé of the underground ice-chewing lifestyle.

A young businessman chews so much ice his tongue goes numb and he can barely talk to clients. A middle-aged substitute teacher’s family has threatened to destroy her ice-shaving machine because of its “frequent high-pitched whir.” There’s even a website dedicated to ice-chewing, complete with recipes (!) and testimonials.

Could their chewing be a symptom of a mineral deficiency? Whether anemic or just plain addicted, ice-chewers are nearly unanimous in their choice of a favorite fast-food place. Sonic, which boasts ice made up of a blizzard of tantalizingly chewable nuggets, now even sells bags of its ice to go.

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