It doesn’t matter that Duck House is basically a Taiwanese restaurant—they still make the best Peking duck in town, says elmomonster. Everybody who walks in the door orders the duck. The waiters will warn you that it takes an hour, but they often produce the dish within minutes.

When the duck comes out, “the mahogany brown of the skin’s wispy crispiness makes your mouth water,” says elmomonster. The platter is set over a bowl of hot water, presumably to keep the beautiful duck fat from congealing.

“To eat it, you take a crepe-like wrapper they provide (which is not unlike the most delicate flour tortilla you’ve ever seen) a piece of skin, a piece of meat, shredded scallion and cucumber, and finally a drizzle of their fermented bean sauce, from which most of the flavor comes from. You fold it up, and you do, in fact, eat it like a taco,” explains elmomonster. It was, indeed, the best Peking duck he has ever had. “The skin is a thin, lovely shimmer of itself, rendered completely of fat and crisp like it was imitating a potato chip.”

The best way to get it is duck three ways, says Porthos. Then you get duck soup and duck meat sautéed with bean sprouts, along with the duck skin crepes. You can even up the game to duck four ways by adding an order for duck tongue and jowl. It’s delicious.

This location used to be called Lu Ding Ji, and it was lauded for its Peking duck. It is unclear whether Duck House involves new management or not.

Duck House [San Gabriel Valley]
501 S. Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park

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