David Kahn was knocked out by a treat he discovered at Oaxacalifornia, the juice and ice cream stand at Mercado La Paloma. The magic treat is pepitoria de coco, a.k.a. coconut brittle, concocted of just coconut and sugar.

“It has a beautiful, complex, slightly bitter caramel flavor combined with a fabulous, chocolaty, toasted coconut taste. The texture is crisp, like a good English toffee. This stuff is one of the best Mexican candies I’ve tasted; it’s really, really good.”

Beware a similar candy made with honey and pumpkin seeds. It’s precisely as awful as the coconut brittle is good.

Oaxacalifornia [Downtown]
At Mercado La Paloma
3655 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

Board Link: Pepitoria de Coco (Coconut Brittle)

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