There’s a lot of buzz in the local Vietnamese community about Pho Le Loi, which recently reopened under new family ownership, says Erik M.

The menu is a well-edited roster of about a dozen central and northern Vietnamese classics. You know that turmeric fish dish at Viet Soy Café folks have been talking about? Here you can get the real thing, cha ca thang long: turmeric-scented fillets with onion and dill, served spitting and sputtering in a cast iron pan.

Rice vermicelli with sliced grilled pork and pork patties in a warm dressing (bun cha ha noi) is another standout, besting the iconic version at Garden Grove’s Binh Minh.

There’s also bun bo hue, central Vietnamese–style noodle soup with pork hock, sliced beef shin, and house-made steamed pork loaf. Pho ga is considered a big draw, but Erik says it’s the same as what comes with Hainan chicken, and he found it overextracted.

Pho Le Loi [San Gabriel Valley]
107 Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

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