After reading novelist Jonathan Safran Foer’s nonfiction anti-meat crusading book, Eating Animals, and writing about it on this blog, I was amused to see a little story in today’s New York Times noting that Foer has won a Moby Award for most annoying performance in a book trailer.

Apparently the short YouTube videos that authors make to promote their works are universally regarded as lame by the book publishing industry. So much so that one book blog, MobyLives, started an awards series for the best and worst of them, to “spoof the fact that the book business too often looks to the movie business as a model,” as the Times quotes blog founder Dennis Johnson.

Foer’s trailer features a dramatic piano soundtrack, self-conscious attempts to humanize the author (“It’s about family!”), faux documentary-style interview bits, and some bad circa-’90s MTV-style graphics. Check it out.

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