One can only imagine that the cow that escaped an Ohio slaughterhouse on Monday had life, freedom, and the open road on his mind. The 1,000-pound steer took off into the woods of suburban Cincinnati, according to an AP article, after slipping through a gate that had been left open. I guess he felt it wasn’t his time to become flank steak.

Perhaps while he’s on the lam, he’ll be able to pick up a copy of Sunday’s New York Times, in which Mark Bittman—author of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian but admittedly not a vegetarian himself—discusses how we should really be rethinking our meat consumption. The average American eats almost 200 pounds of animal protein a year, an increase of about 50 pounds per person when compared to data from 50 years ago. That’s more than half a pound of meat a day.

The cow would certainly agree with Michael Pollan, whom the article quotes as saying, “Who said people had to eat meat three times a day?”

Run, little (whoops, I mean big) steer, run!

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