Yura Mohr’s well-made comfort food and superb baked goods won a following among Upper East Siders at her two Yura and Co. shops. Last year the business split up; one location has become Corner Café and Bakery, and near the other location, in a homey space called Square Meal, Yura is back in the kitchen.

Dinner might start with cheese buttermilk scones, tender, crisp, and flavored with Cabot sharp white cheddar and a hint of fresh rosemary—simply wonderful, promises MMRuth. The menu is seasonal and changes daily; dishes to watch for include a deftly dressed apple-endive salad; squash cannelloni with rosemary-scented béchamel; Barolo-flavored meatballs; a generous bouillabaisse loaded with shrimp, clams, mussels, and fish; and scallops with chanterelles and a vinegar reduction whose tartness plays nicely off the sweetness of the shellfish. Hamburgers turn up on the menu occasionally, and they’re well worth a try, juicy five-ouncers with caramelized onions on a sesame bun, served with thick, tasty potato wedges and—no shortcuts here—ketchup made in-house.

Even longtime fans are enchanted all over again. “Yura is a wonderful chef, and her food is finer now than at her old restaurant,” writes pups224.

Do not skip dessert. MMRuth describes a crave-worthy peach pie and a memorable spice cake with rich salted-caramel butter cream, “easily one of the best slices of cake I’ve had in a long time.” And pumpkin pie–hater pups took a chance on Square Meal’s version and was rewarded with a gorgeous filling, not too sweet, spiced to the point of edginess, baked into a remarkably light, flaky, buttery crust: “I wanted to see if Yura could make me like it. She did.”

For now it’s just dinner. But devotees remember Yura’s brunch and lunch fare fondly, and she’s considering a Saturday lunch at Square Meal, possibly as soon as next month.

Square Meal [Upper East Side]
30 E. 92nd Street (near Madison Avenue), Manhattan

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