Jim Leff wandered by Shanghai Pavilion in Port Washington last month. Expectations were not high. “I spotted the awning, figured it was just another generic suburban chinese american randomly using ‘Shanghai’ in the name. But this is a serious place.”

Drunken chicken was silky, delicious, authentically bloody, “among the best I’ve ever had.” Soup dumplings: “very very good by Chinatown standards.” Not bad: lion’s head pork meatballs and red-cooked chicken with chestnuts. Yes, the menu also features sesame chicken and “other ’burb-happy fodder”—resist! Shanghai specialties are the ticket here; “this is pretty serious Shanghai,” Jim says, “and pretty seriously delicious. A great boon to Long Island.”

Shanghai Pavilion [Nassau County]
46 Main Street (between Bayles and Maryland avenues), Port Washington, NY

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