For some reason, Asia’s gone crazy for crawfish. “If you’ve been to Shanghai lately you’ll find that crawfish is more popular than watermelons these days over there, with crawfish restaurants popping up on almost every street corner over the last two years. Beijing is said to have gone through a similar craze,” explains Xiao Yang. In the Asian centers of Los Angeles, we’ve seen a number of Vietnamese-run, Louisiana-style crawfish boil places appearing in the Vietnamese and Chinese parts of the city. They’re very distinct—there is a particular style to a Vietnamese-run, Louisiana-style crawfish boil place, and it’s pretty addictive.

And now it’s come to Northern California. It’s the Vietnamese-run Boiling Crawfish—tasty food, and a great bargain, reports junesix. The shrimp is good, but the crawfish is great.

Boiling Crawfish [Sunset District]
2333 Irving Street, San Francisco

Board Link: Boiling Crawfish (New) Outer Sunset

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