Unlike New England–style baked beans, many recipes for the type served as a side to barbecued and grilled meats begin with canned beans, which are then doctored with other flavorings: bacon, garlic, onions, and beyond. Witness CHOW’s Root Beer BBQ Beans. “I’d suggest making the beans at least a day or three ahead of time to let the flavors develop in the fridge,” says porker.

nomadchowwoman begins with a can each of kidney, white, black, and baked beans, and seasons them with onions and garlic cooked in bacon fat, crumbled cooked bacon, mustard, cider vinegar, and brown sugar, baking it all together.

skippy66 calls these hot-and-smoky baked beans, made with chipotle chiles, “very good and very easy.” Babs says Sue and Gloria’s baked beans, which include crushed pineapple and barbecue sauce, are nice alongside pulled pork sandwiches.

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