Dandelion greens can be eaten raw in salad if young and tender enough, or cooked like other bitter greens.

Gio grew up eating dandelion salad. “My mother used to say, ‘Bitter in the mouth, sweet in the stomach,'” she says. “I suppose that made her feel better about serving the very homely greens to us. But, truth to tell, I loved the salad then and I still do. Just the greens—especially the tiny leaves from the center and the little unopened sweet buds, well washed, seasoned with salt and pepper, very good olive oil, and red wine vinegar.”

corneygirl blanches dandelion greens, dresses them with red wine vinegar, and adds them to pizza with caramelized onions and blue cheese. Other hounds sauté them as they would other tender greens: with bacon and cider vinegar, or with anchovies, garlic, and red pepper flakes.

Have dandelion greens for breakfast with CHOW’s Wilted Greens with Balsamic Fried Eggs.

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