Please do not order an oyster pancake at a Taiwanese snack shop and expect something like a Korean pajeon (egg pancake), says soypower. Taiwanese oyster pancakes taste good, but their consistency is nothing like a pancake. It would not be unfair to describe them as a slimy, gooey mass, with vegetables and oysters mixed in and some egg and orange sauce on top. The texture might be described as mucilaginous, says dreamsicle. Indeed, they’re a bit of an acquired taste, says ipsedixit.

The gooey mass is thickened with sweet potato flour, says limster, nothing to be afraid of. The dish is about a balance of different textures: egg, oyster, vegetables, sweet potato flour. Oyster pancakes go well with some stinky tofu. As long as you know what you’re ordering, many Chowhounds recommend them highly. Try Taiwanese snack shops, says ipsedixit, and look for oyster pancake, or oyster omelet, on the menu.

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