Frida’s Taqueria, an offshoot of Frida Mexican Cuisine in Beverly Hills, has opened in the Brentwood Country Mart and is firing on all cylinders, reports techbod.

Mango salad with candied walnuts qualifies this place for destination dining: It’s a big pile of baby greens, diced mango, and a spicy-sweet mango dressing.

Best tacos on the menu: cochinita pibil and alhambre (steak, peppers, cheese, tocino). Just delicious. A carnitas sope is also really good, with a tender sope crust, lots of meat, crisp lettuce, cheese, and a drizzle of sour cream.

Other options are mole (saucy, tasty), barbacoa, asada (not so great the first day), and pollo (tastes like chicken).

Tacos are generously stuffed, and the sopes are also piled high, though they’re not the thicker rustic type.

Chips come with two kinds of salsa: a fresh ’n’ spicy green one and a smoky orange.

Sopes cost $3 to $4, tacos are $2.50 to $4, beans and rice sides are $1.75 each, chips and salsa (generous amount) are $1.50. Pricey, but less expensive than the $15 taco plate at the original Frida’s, which Dommy loves.

Frida’s Taqueria [Westside – Beaches]
In Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street, Santa Monica
No phone number available

Frida Mexican Cuisine [Beverly Hills]
236 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

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