Ensenada is known for its fish tacos, so when you find a tiny little taqueria called Tacos Ensenada, you kind of know what you’re supposed to get.

Fish and shrimp tacos are really, really excellent. A combo platter, with one of each, is $5.39. “At my first bite, I already knew that I was going to be a happy fish taco eater,” says pleasurepalate. “The fish’s batter was a nice golden brown and crispy while the fish meat itself was moist and delicate. It was a taco that was both messy and yet great to eat.” The shrimp taco is just as good: sweet, and cooked just perfectly.

Ceviche is a disappointment, though. And pollo and asada tacos are merely OK, reports Bradbury. Stick to the fish and shrimp tacos. It’s a tiny place, just four tables and a condiment bar with pickled carrots and onions.

Tacos Ensenada [Inland Empire]
2171 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte

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