Jasmine Market and Deli is an unassuming place that serves up Indian food to a lunchtime crowd; at night it transforms, Cinderella-style, and offers the cuisine of the owners’ native land: Burma.

OK, the country may be known as Myanmar these days, but the food is still Burmese, and apart from Golden Triangle out in Whittier, it’s pretty much all we’ve got for this cuisine, a fascinating mix of Thai, Chinese, and Indian flavors.

The Burmese menu is fairly limited, says modernist, but fortunately it’s really good. Go for mohinga, a typical Burmese fish stew with banana tree root, and khaut swe, a coconut chicken soup that’s a sibling of Thai khao soi.

Khaut swe dhut (noodle salad) and asawn dhut (mixed salad) taste similar, with some hard-to-pin-down flavor that just says Myanmar.

The Burmese family who run the place couldn’t be sweeter. They seem to be really plugged into the local Burmese community, too.

As for the Indian food? It’s pretty good as well.

Jasmine Market and Deli [Westside – Inland]
4135 Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City

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