The brand-new Waterloo and City is satisfying and amazing, says Lee by the Sea. “Amazing because the advance description of Waterloo and City as a ‘gastropub’ does not begin to do justice to its high culinary level.”

There is an “altogether wonderful” salad of English peas, fava beans, caramelized walnuts, and fresh mozzarella, says Lee by the Sea. Handmade orecchiette in Parmesan sauce “seemed a little lonely in the expanse of its bowl but tasted so good that we considered licking out the bowl,” says Lee.

Of a main dish of halibut and merguez sausage, served with black lentils in savory sauce, Lee by the Sea says: “like a grown-up version … of hot-dogs-and-beans.” And New Trial approves of the garlicky lamb, paired with a tasty, thickly potato-crusted shepherd’s pie.

Waterloo and City [Westside – Inland]
12517 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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