The namesake pastry at House of Silvanas is the Filipino answer to the macaron: two cashew-meringue wafers sandwiching a layer of buttercream, all coated with cookie crumbs. Since the buttercream filling wouldn’t hold up at room temperature, silvanas are always eaten frozen, or nearly so. There are seven flavors: buko-pandan (coconut and panda leaf), ube, mocha, and mango are the best, says pilinut, in that order. Even frozen, the buttercream is pleasantly light and creamy against the crunchiness of the cookies, says hhc.

“The sans rival is pretty good, too,” adds pilinut, “just plain old buttercream sandwiched between thin, crisp layers of meringue, and sprinkled with nuts.”

House of Silvanas [Peninsula]
2055 Gellert Boulevard, Daly City

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