The Official Ramen Homepage shares a CNN video about South Korean artist Sang-Wook Lee’s giant sculptures made with ramen noodles. He used 20,000 packages of ramen as building blocks for a wall, and—with the help of five lucky students—spent five days just unwrapping them all. Inspired by Native American and Korean architecture, the sculptures are meant to be lighthearted. The artist enjoys when viewers get closer to his work, realize what they’re looking at, and laugh.

It doesn’t seem like there would be enough ramen news for regular updates on the Official Ramen Homepage, but blogger Matthew Fischer keeps it current by posting reader-submitted recipes like French onion soup ramen, which is microwaved with Campbell’s condensed French onion soup. (The instructions in this one are fun: “Without opening the ramen Pouch/Bag, crush the ramen noodles mercilessly until mercilessly crushed.”) Even creepier is Cao Boi’s hiking ramen, a concoction of ramen and mashed potato powder, which even Fischer files under the “I’m not gonna eat it” category.

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