There are a lot of ways to jazz up the classic Rice Krispies Treat. You could throw in chocolate chips, Red Hots, peanut butter. Or you could just change up the cereal itself. But which of the dizzying array of cereals in the aisle to use?

Cakespy used a New Year’s Eve party to test-drive treats made with an array of breakfast cereals, with some delicious-looking results.

The prettiest had to be the Froot Loops Treats, which resembled “little marshmallowy rainbows.” And while Rice Krispies are comparatively low in sugar, some of the other cereals used had a higher sugar content. The Frosted Mini-Wheats produced a treat of uncommon homeliness that while good-tasting, also were “Not for the faint of heart … with the frosted coating on one side and an allover marshmallow coating, the wheat was a phantom aftertaste to the extreme sweetness.”

But what? No All-Bran Treats?

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