Japanese company Yosimiya sells bags of rice. These are no ordinary bags, however: These are dakigokochi—bags printed with your newborn’s face, vital stats, and a greeting, and containing his or her exact birthweight in rice. They come in different colors, and they are pretty darned cute. So cute, in fact, that, as with newborn babies, one feels compelled to see more photos.

A quick Google search turns up the blog Daddytypes.com, which has pics showing bags with different faces. (And some funny commenters. One writes: “I was wondering about the … need for a bag of rice the exact weight of your baby until I cast my mind back to George Lucas’ epic ‘[Indiana] Jones and the Temple of Doom’–instead of a golden statue and a bag of sand…”) Blogger Rick O’Shea also has a shot of someone coddling one. Awwww!

Trend-watch website Springwise notes that because of the heft of the rice, holding the bag will “feel like holding the baby,” which is perfect for long-distance mothers-in-law everywhere, especially if they need a starch later as fuel for massive baby-toy shopping.

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