Last week, Jamie Oliver electrocuted and slaughtered a chicken in front of a television studio audience as part of a campaign for more humane treatment of poultry.

Now he’s going one further. As part of his Eat to Save Your Life television show, which airs tonight (January 16) on Britain’s Channel 4, Oliver plans to cut up a human corpse to show just how awful obesity is. Well, actually, the Naked Chef won’t be doing the slicing—that honor belongs to German doctor Gunther von Hagens, famous for the touring “Body Worlds” show, which exhibits “plasticized” dead bodies.

In his web diary, Oliver says:

One of the most amazing parts of the show is when the famous German doctor, Gunther von Hagens, performs an autopsy on a 25-stone [350-pound] man who literally ate himself to death. It’s not pretty but I urge you not to turn away because the fascinating insight into what our diets are doing to our insides could inspire you to change your eating habits in a positive way.

As Whit Honea of the blog Babble says, “I’d skip the TV dinner during this one.”

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