I’m not a huge fan of one-use kitchen appliances. My parents had every Presto doodad there was (anyone in the market for a 1975 Hot Dogger?), but if you can’t cook it in a cast iron skillet, it doesn’t get made in my kitchen. However, catching an eyeful of Urban Trend’s Gun Egg Fryers (via geek-culture blog Spluch) has me reconsidering. The fryers resemble cookie cutters; gun-loving egg-eaters can place them in a pan and crack an egg into them to produce a breakfast molded into the shape of a revolver, Uzi, or other firearm. What child wouldn’t delight to a gun-shaped over-easy on her plate? What embattled spouse wouldn’t appreciate a breakfast that lets him know just how you feel about him?

As Slashfood points out, Urban Trend has some other bizarro kitchen items that may interest the food-inclined, including a knife block that resembles the spinning Wheel of Death beloved by cutlery hurlers, and a drinking straw formed into a pair of faux eyeglasses. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Toast Tattoos.

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