Sexism lurks on your breakfast table, and thanks to a courageous post by Steven of the Sneeze, it has been exposed for everyone to gawk at. The issue? As Steven’s richly illustrated post points out, there are very few female breakfast cereal mascots. Tony the Tiger? Male. Cap’n Crunch? Male. Lucky of Lucky Charms (warning: sound)? Presumably, he has a tiny, propitious penis. The capper is that, as Steven writes, “Pebbles [of The Flintstones] doesn’t even appear on boxes of Pebbles in either her ‘Adorable Baby’ or ‘I’d-Hit-it Adult’ forms.” Fred and Barney are left to be Fruity alone.

Sure, Disney partnered with Kellogg’s on the limited-edition Princess Cereal, which blogger Stefania Pomponi Butler at CityMama says features the “sluttiest rendering of Sleepy [sic] Beauty I have ever seen,” a half-lidded, provocatively posing, Paris Hilton–esque figure. But where’s our Wonder Woman Stars? Our Pocahontas O’s? Or even our Bugs Bunny in Drag Flakes?

At least the milk comes from female cows.

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