Viet Noodle Bar, the Atwater offshoot of Soycafe, has opened, with more eating space and reliable hours. So far, though, the menu isn’t much bigger than at Soycafe, and as at the original place, the one dish that truly shines is the bun (rice noodles) with turmeric fish.

Banh nam, rice-flour tamales, are improved after a bland early version with the addition of scallions to the dough, says PandanExpress. Spring rolls are fresh and flavorful, say whiteonricecouple, but pho is awfully bland.

Altogether, though, the price is a sticking point for several hounds—$9 for that bland pho, and the bun is about the same. A small cup of the fresh soymilk is $3.

Chowpatty, who says she usually heads to the less expensive and less precious Indochine, notes that Lu Sub, a water shop that has branched out into food, offers decent pho for $4.99.

Over in Glendale, Pho Hut serves up rich and flavorful pho ga, with half a breast of chicken in your bowl, says RaeRenee. Pho with tripe, beef, and meatballs could’ve come out of a Vietnamese grandma’s kitchen.

It’s a bit more expensive than Pho 79 ($6.50 for a regular bowl), says kchangambrose, but the broth is tastier and the meat of higher quality. But fdb disagrees, saying the pho is just OK, not SGV quality. The egg rolls pass muster, though.

Note that this place has a limited menu, just pho and those egg rolls. They also only accept cash.

Viet Noodle Bar [East of Hollywood]
3133 1/2 Glendale Boulevard, Atwater Village

Soycafe [East of Hollywood]
1997 Hyperion Avenue, Silver Lake

Indochine Vien [East of Hollywood]
3110 Glendale Boulevard, Atwater Village

Lu Sub [East of Hollywood]
2470 Glendale Boulevard, Silver Lake

Pho Hut [San Fernando Valley – East]
312 N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale
No phone number available

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