“Calling a Cuban restaurant ‘Mojito’s’ is about as classy as calling a Mexican restaurant ‘Margaritaville,’” notes Clare K. But surprisingly, the restaurant that has replaced Xiomara’s is no frat-kids’ den; it’s a warm and inviting place with really good food.

The bread dish turns out to be a generous amount of crispy, buttered Cuban toast with a side of black bean purée for dipping. Empanadas are light and crispy, their shells more like wonton skins than pastry. They come with a tasty avocado sauce and tomato salad.

Churrasco nicaraguense, skirt steak, is outstanding: tender and flavorful. It comes with porcini mushrooms, earthy and slightly sweet wild Mexican black corn, and garlic mashed potatoes.
Pan-seared organic chicken breast over coconut rice, with ancho chile jus, is top-notch: crispy outside and juicy inside.

Oh, and as for those Mojitos, they’re made with fresh sugarcane juice, a wonderfully balanced blend with soda, mint, and rum, says trolley. The restaurant also makes a mango Mojito with crushed fresh mangoes, as well as a few other variations.

Prices are reasonable, and corkage is $10.

Mojitos [San Gabriel Valley]
69 N. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena

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