Open since April, Russell House Tavern is from the same minds that brought you Grafton Street, Redline, and Temple Bar, and it’s offering even tastier upscale new American goodness. Brunch is particularly choice.

“Gastropubby food, very good, and good prices,” says MC Slim JB. “It’s big and busy and loud, with a lot of TV screens all over (odd), and I’m not sure it’s ever much fun to be in the company of big parties of drunken B-school students, but I think it’s very promising.”

Orders that might make you agree:

• The EBLT—egg, bacon, cheese, and lettuce: “The egg was perfectly cooked and still runny, which combined with the juices of the tomato and the mayo for a perfect sauce for the bacon, lettuce, and melted cheddar,” says PatsMoose. “I will dream about this sandwich every morning.”

• The crab cake sandwich, served on soft ciabatta, with spicy aioli. Make sure to sub in hash browns for the forgettable fries; they’re shredded and well-seasoned.

• Crispy poached egg with house pancetta, toasted brioche, and pecorino aioli, “fantastic to the point that we were rubbing fingers on the plate for one last taste,” says Gabatta.

• Dirty Caesar with anchovy croutons and parsley

• Pork trio of loin, belly, and shoulder with tasty grits and vinegar sauce

Drinks are good, too, with Chowhound-recommended house cocktails including the Harvard Yard, the Scottish Play, and the Battle of Trafalgar. There’s also house-made spiced rum and cask-conditioned ales.

Russell House Tavern [Cambridge]
14 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge

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