Pulse Cafe, a vegan spot in Davis Square with a healthy selection of gluten-free menu items, hasn’t been getting unqualified raves on the boards. Service can be a bit chaotic and slow, the kitchen repeatedly runs out of favorite dishes, and some diners complain that the soup isn’t up to snuff. But there’s wonderful stuff here, for omnivores and the meatless alike.

Start with the mushroom calamari: “delicious, crispy, flavorful, just the right texture,” says Christie. “Eat it while it’s hot, though; it gets less tasty as it cools down!” Salads are “huge, fresh, and delicious,” says Bob Dobalina.

After that, move on to the maple-glazed tempeh Reuben, recommended by multiple hounds: “The bread had great rye flavor, and I found that it was hearty enough (and it tastes just as good for lunch today),” says Christie. The jerk chicken tempeh (in fact, any of the tempeh dishes) and the vegetarian lasagna are other fine orders.

For dessert, the chocolate truffles were “rather amazing,” says yarm, and Pulse runs out of its apple crumb cake every night, it’s so good.

Pulse Cafe [North of Boston]
195 Elm Street, Somerville

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