Philoxenia is back, and it’s about time. A few years ago, it was a bright spot on Astoria’s fading Greek scene; then it lost its lease. Last month, Philoxenia reopened in a larger, comfortable new location, serving rustic chow that’s as good as it ever was and maybe even better; “every dish was fantastic,” joekarten reports, “and some, like the grilled octopus and the grilled loup and the taramosalata, were the best versions i’ve ever had in astoria.”

Others endorse zucchini fritters, lamb chops, horta (greens), and Chef Dionysia Germani’s signature meatballs in tomato sauce with onions and peppers; “it seems they are picking right up from where they left off,” writes Rufo.

helen19, in dissent, reports a spotty meal marred by clumsy service, underseasoned bifteki (stuffed hamburger), and overuse of low-quality feta cheese. “since when does putting feta on everything make it greek???” she wonders.

Philoxenia [Astoria]
32-07 34th Avenue (near 32nd Street), Astoria, Queens

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Philoxenia on 34th Ave.

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