New York’s Magnolia Bakery is known for cupcakes (again, I repeat, when is this trend going to end?), but it’s not all they make. One compassionate blogger, Cakespy, gives a neglected treat its due:

It’s got to be hard being the #2 dessert at the Magnolia Bakery. We imagine it’s sort of like having a really famous sibling (who knows the name of the Olsen twins’ other sister, for crying out loud?). This is the plight of the Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery; delicious as it is, what is its place really, with those famous cupcakes in the spotlight?

Cakespy has penned an ode to the poor stepsister of a dessert:

Dearest Banana pudding,

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

We love the way you hang out in the bakery case, slightly chilled and a little aloof…don’t you know that playing hard to get just makes us want you more?

Oh, banana pudding! For you, we’d gladly wait on that line all night until the cupcake bouncer deigned to let us in; even more happily, we’d breeze right by those ubiquitous little frosted treats, making a straight path toward you, sweet, wonderful you.

It’s a nice thing when a pudding gets the recognition it deserves. Even better when the recipe is offered as well. Lovers of banana pudding, eat your heart out. Those cupcakes are so 1990s anyway.

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