De Afghanan started as a true hole in the wall in Fremont—a much-beloved hole in the wall, with the best lamb and chicken kebabs that hippopotamus has ever come across. Its most famous dish: chapli (beef) kebabs. It’s opening two new locations, in Berkeley and San Francisco. The Berkeley location is larger, and has a bigger menu. It’s just barely opened, but joyous reports are already pouring in.

The kebabs at the Berkeley location are excellent, as expected. De Afghanan’s best known for its ground beef kebab, but chopped beef kebab is great as well. Also try squash baloni—a squash-filled turnover—with the excellent yogurt sauce. There’s pumpkin stuff, Afghan dumplings, and leek-filled turnovers, all great. The real eye-opener for 10foot5 is shornakhed salad: potatoes, chickpeas, mint, cilantro, and vinegar, all with a subtle bit of cayenne energy in the background.

10foot5 told his server that he was torn between the beef and lamb kebabs; when his order of beef kebabs arrived, it came with two little lamb T-bone chops as a bonus. He’s not sure if these are on the regular menu, but they’re delicious: perfectly done meat, with a nice intense spice rub.

Prices are moderate. “The people could not be nicer or more welcoming, though their English is a bit on the weak side,” says mcchowhound. Go soon; the place is tiny, and as soon as the wider Berkeley community discovers it, it’ll be packed to the gills.

De Afghanan Kabob House [East Bay]
37405 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont

De Afghanan Kabob House [East Bay]
1160 University Avenue, Berkeley

De Afghanan Kabob House [Polk Gulch]
1303 Polk Street, San Francisco

Board Link: De Afghanan from Fremont–now in San Francisco and Berkeley

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