Edible bowls from the British company Butt Foods don’t seem to be a joke. Apparently, they’re made in an industrial oven developed to produce a crust on both the inside and outside of the bowl. And according to WayOdd, Butt Foods Managing Director David Williams took a big risk on this crust-a-licious product, saying, “Our banks, our investors all thought we were crackers. But we’ve now proved them wrong.”

I’m not sure I can trust a company that calls itself Butt Foods (is that not funny in the UK?), but according to its website, these bowls are great for breakfast, dinner, or dessert.

The company also makes a product called the Bread Boat, which “[s]hows off all the filling rather than hiding it between two slices of bread.” The accompanying photo features a hot dog with mustard decoratively drizzled across the width of the dog, rather than squirted down the length of it.

Does anyone else think this product might do better in America (at least among frat boys and other jokesters) if—instead of calling it the “Butt Foods Bread Boat”—it was simply marketed as a “Butt Bun”?

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