The Yemeni national dish of salteh, a rich lamb stew with vegetables and egg, is a specialty at the newly opened Yemeni’s Restaurant, reports CarrieWas218.

But first, the appetizers include a variety of tasty spreads, such as an ultra-creamy hummus, baba ghanoush, and another enticing eggplant spread. They come with freshly made paratha-like bread. After you’ve worked your way through that, the salteh comes boiling hot in a clay pot, with fenugreek and hulba, a Yemeni salsa that’s pretty mild here. Zucchini, peas, and potatoes round out the stew, which comes with another kind of flatbread that’s made by a local Moroccan woman, lightly grilled with butter.

The special Yemeni coffee is more like a light and intriguing tea, made with the husks of coffee beans and ginger and cardamom.

The owner, Ali, seems excited about sharing his national cuisine and says he’s happy to prepare any classic Yemeni dish (with the proper notice, presumably). It’s a halal restaurant, so no alcohol is served.

Yemeni’s [Nob Hill]
1098 Sutter Street, San Francisco

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