Don’t toss out the leafy tops of celery stalks. They have lots of flavor and can be used like an herb or eaten as a vegetable.

appycamper loves celery leaves in salads dressed with mayo. “They cut the mayo with a great sharp taste that I like much better than added vinegar,” she says. “If I am fortunate enough to have a lot of celery leaves,” says greygarious, “I use them as the green part of a salad.” ipsedixit thinks they are lovely in banh mi.

Many hounds add celery leaves to soups and stews. “Like many other bitter greens, the celery leaves sweeten with cooking,” says ChefJune. Pata_Negra adds them to steamed mussels and says they are much more aromatic than parsley. shaogo wilts the leaves in olive oil, adds tomato cubes, basil, and garlic, and serves them on fresh pasta.

For those who have an aversion to cilantro or are allergic, celery leaves are a good substitute, says CeeBee.

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