Water Crisis Makes It Harder to Get a Buzz: A broken water main leads to a “boil order” for 2 million people in and around Boston over the weekend, making it hard to get tasty beverages and ice. Popular watering hole the Eastern Standard offers a “Water Crisis Cocktail List” and Grub Street Boston keeps a list of places where Bostonians can still find a cup of coffee. (Tests later show the water was fine all along.) via the Boston Channel and Grub Street Boston

LA’s Street Vendors to Battle: The finalists were announced for Los Angeles’s first Vendy Awards on May 15. The six contenders are: the India Jones Chow Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, Hot Dog Kings, Tacos El Galuzo, Big Mista’s BBQ, and Nina Garcia’s huaraches/quesadillas. via Eater LA

Monsanto Case Goes to Supreme Court: Opening arguments of a case involving Monsanto-patented GMO alfalfa seeds were heard by the Supreme Court this week. The case, Monsanto vs Geertson, is about the failure of the federal government to do an environmental impact report before deregulating the distribution of the seed. via Daily Kos

Last Shrimp Po’ Boy? As an oil spill moves towards Gulf Coast fisheries, the seafood industry is bracing itself for what will most certainly be a bad hit. via CNN

Thread of the Week: Over on the Consumerist, 147 people discuss what a barista at Starbucks might have meant by writing “Big Dick” on a customer’s cup, which leads to references to David Bowie in Labyrinth and the question: “Shouldn’t it have been Grande Dick or something?”

Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

  • Dogfish Head Brewery will begin selling maple syrup harvested from founder Sam Caglione’s family farm in Western Massachusetts. They’ll have exotic flavors like orange peel and coriander, and juniper and vanilla.
  • Mark Bittman adds a “slog” to his website, i.e. “an active, dynamic, bloggy, constantly updated site,” i.e. a blog, and taps talented writers such as Barry Estabrook and Paula Crossfield to write for it.
  • “Cool” airline Virgin America has Internet wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk redesign its wine selection.
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