The Hungry Cat reopened after a remodel just before the holidays, and it looks gorgeous, says SauceSupreme. There’s a long bench along the former wall—it looks like the space has been doubled—and there’s a new raw bar.

And what to order at the raw bar? Go for the uni, served right in the sea urchin shell, Sauce says. The flavor is more subtle, a little sweeter and much more delicate than what you usually get.

As for the cooked items, they’re as great as ever, though the menu’s been given a tweak: Where before there was chorizo and clams, now there’s a really tasty sofrito and clams. Or just go for a whole fish—the chefs remove the backbone and stuff it with aromatics like lemon, rosemary, and/or tarragon, depending on what’s fresh.

New hours mean the full menu is served till midnight, raw bar items till 1 a.m., and drinks until 2.

The Hungry Cat [Hollywood]
1535 Vine Street, Los Angeles


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