When it comes to ma po tofu, Korean-Chinese hybrids are just as beloved by hounds as the straight-outta-Szechuan version.

Chung King represents pure Szechuan style, and it rocks, says RoachCoach.

ipsedixit recommends Ho Ho Kitchen, where the ma po tofu is “not at all oily and just enough heat to make you remember your manners.”

Dong Chun Hong, a Chinese-Korean place, has excellent, very spicy MPT, says ladius.

And the Dragon, another border-style spot, has top-notch MPT, says HannahEats, who vouches for all its dishes.

Chung King [San Gabriel Valley]
206 S. Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park

Chung King [San Gabriel Valley]
1000 S. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

Ho Ho Kitchen [San Gabriel Valley]
10053 Valley Boulevard, El Monte

Dong Chun Hong [Koreatown]
1143 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles

The Dragon [Koreatown]
966 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles

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