Two cartoon cats from the comic strip Achewood are having an argument about McDonald’s challenging Starbucks for United States coffeehouse supremacy. Why is this significant? Mostly because Achewood creator Chris Onstad writes funny dialogue that will brighten your day. But in doing so, he makes a point about McDonald’s traditional employee base and its shortcomings:

[ROAST BEEF]: Think about it Ray if they can’t even repeat NUMBER THREE, DIET COKE how they gonna do with a double venti short tall nonfat mocha no foam cappuccino with two ice cubes and a half shot of sugarfree vanilla for Mackenzie who by the way is a skinny woman in Versace sunglasses and not a fat Irish man in an Aran cable sweater holding a Guinness

RAY: Well, they wouldn’t offer all those options, first of all. You wouldn’t be allowed to customize.

ME: In that case they ain’t competin’ with Starbucks then since Starbucks’ whole model is that Starbucks is the ONLY place you can get your exact drink and your exact drink is a sacred event without which your day is ruined

Lots more where that came from over at the blog supposedly manned by Achewood character Roast Beef, Grep.

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