Watch out Wayne Thiebaud, the pie case is no longer yours alone. The pop artist, known for his depictions of pies, cakes, and sundaes, has some company in the pastry section. Artist Janice C. Cartier presents her images of baked goods on her blog, Painting a Day.

Displaced from New Orleans by Katrina, Cartier needed new inspiration. She found it in the form of small oil paintings of baked goods, an experiment she calls “Let Them Eat Cake” (“there’s a bit of a revolution going on inside me,” she writes on the blog). She posts new images every few days, with links to the eBay auction site where she sells her work.

She explains her choice of edible subject thusly: “It is portable, doesn’t take much space and is gone afterwards. Until I have my own space. All good features. … And besides, what’s not to like about cake?”

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