A lot of people are down on cupcakes now, maybe because “the groupie part of the cupcakes scene has been dying a painstaking death and it’s being slowly laid to rest in the fad compost heap along with froyo,” says bulavinaka. But don’t despair. “I think if one keeps an open mind and gives good food a chance, one will find the great examples out there.” Cupcakes included.

The newest find: SugarJones Cupcakes, a stand at the Sunday Mar Vista Farmers’ Market that has very well-executed cupcakes, says bulavinaka.

The cake portion is larger than average, and relatively dense, almost like pound cake. “I’ve read complaints by many that by nature, cupcakes are going to be drier than an conventional cake—this is true in general because the crumb proportion of cake interior is relatively small to the the surrounding exposed portion. But the combination of the broader dimension as well as the strong execution in preparing and baking this cupcake shows in the results,” says bulavinaka.

The frosting has “a nice sweetness that isn’t cloying, the flavors are subtle yet enduring, and the texture is substantial but not greasy,” says bulavinaka. This might be because of the touch of saltiness in the frosting, says Dommy. It makes the frosting kind of weird on its own, but perfect as a companion to the cake.

SugarJones also has massive homemade Oreos that are very likable, says Jase, especially the filling. The texture of the cookie is nice, too, with some bite and chew, but not quite crumbly.

SugarJones Cupcakes at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market [Westside – Beaches]
Venice Blvd and Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles

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