After a long search by several Chowhounds for a New England-style hot dog bun, they’ve found a local source. This bun may look like a thick slice of bread, but it’s a actually a roll with a crust around the outer edges but left bare on each side for easy toasting.

Peripatetic made the find at The Market Grill. The owner is from Massachusetts, and Market Grill bake the buns in-house. They’re excellent, but the dogs themselves are a little disappointing, confesses Peripatetic. However: The manager says you can buy the buns separately if you call ahead. Might want to do that anyway, as Market Grill sometimes runs out of buns early.

Peripatetic also says the fries are outstanding, “better than Oinkster or Wurstkuche in my opinion.”

The Market Grill [Inland Empire]
525 South Shamrock Avenue, Monrovia

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