Excellent doner and kebabs and superior, made-to-order lahmacun (meat-topped flat bread) are must-orders at Konak in Farmingville. “Incredibly high-quality stuff,” raves cnut. This storefront grocery and restaurant is a hangout for Turkish laborers–some settle in at one of the half-dozen or so tables, others just duck in for a quick glass of tea and a pastry.

Angora, a few miles east, also has very good Turkish chow, including unbeatable kadaif, the shredded-wheat-like pastry, says Jim Leff. Also recommended: iskendar kebab, burek, pistachio nuts, and superb French fries.

Konak [Suffolk County]
773 Horseblock Rd., between Abner Dr. and Oriole Pl., Farmingville, NY

Angora Food Market [Suffolk County]
2690 Rte 112 (Medford Rd.), south of the LIE, Medford, NY

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