Glendale is hungry sizes up his quiet Queens neighborhood as arid turf for Chowhounds, a place fed mostly by franchise grub, mediocre pizza, and dismal Chinese takeout. So Organic Village, a vegetarian raw food specialist, seems to have dropped in from another planet. “Opening this kind of restaurant in a neighborhood like Glendale is downright radical, bordering on the subversive. And I LOVE IT!!!” he says.

Burritos, Thai coconut noodles, hemp sandwiches, and the “Cookies and Cream” smoothie, all cleverly concocted from vegetables, fruits, and seeds, are his early favorites. “The food here is full of intense flavors, vivid contrasts, wonderful textures, and dramatic crunches,” Glendale says. “This is great stuff and all new to me, a bacon-lovin’ guy who occasionally swings organic. They use high quality ingredients and clearly know what they’re doing. Even if you’re a carnivore, check this out.”

Organic Village [Glendale]
79-15 Cooper Avenue (near 79th Place), Glendale, Queens

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